The seller will complete our online Buy Back submission form or contact Purchasing directly. A member of the Purchasing team will contact the seller within 24 hours to discuss their products. SOTEL will provide a bid or pass on the products within this 24 hour period.

The bid provided to the seller is good for 2 weeks.

Once an agreement is reached, SOTEL will email a Purchase Order (PO) to the seller listing the equipment and the agreed upon price. The PO will also state the payment terms (Net-45), as well as the preferred shipping method and ship to address.

SOTEL will pay for shipping of equipment to our warehouse. Seller is to provide the weights and dimensions of all boxes (or pallets) being shipped. SOTEL will provide pre-paid shipping labels for the seller’s convenience. For larger shipments, it is preferred to have the equipment palletized.

From the date of the PO, SOTEL will have 45 days to evaluate and submit payment to the seller.


  • Pack with packing material to insure the displays and face-plates are not damaged.
  • Pack in shipping boxes of 10-20 phones per box
  • Palletize any shipment over 100 phones
  • Complete Phones should include: Bases/stands, handsets, power cords (if applicable)


  • Once equipment is received, SOTEL will inventory the equipment, take pictures of any defects and report findings back to the vendor.
  • SOTEL will have 45 days to inventory, inspect and test the equipment before sending payment.

Contact your SOTEL Representative to learn more about trades or credit toward your next purchase.

For straight buy-backs, please fill out our online form.